Boyar Asset Management for Medical Professionals

Boyar Asset Management has been uncovering value since 1983

How about Protect and Create a legacy with a firm that has been in business since 1983

Boyar Asset Management has stood the test of time. We have navigated through events such as the 1987 stock market crash, The Savings and Loan Crisis, The collapse of Long-term Capital, The dotcom bust, September 11th, and the global financial crisis.


The Boyar Asset Management Difference

  • We do our own research. Our 40+ year old flagship publication, Asset Analysis Focus, whose mandate is to uncover undervalued stocks, is purchased and read regularly by some of the world’s most sophisticated investors. We use this same in-depth research to build and manage portfolios on behalf of our money management clients. 
  • We do not believe in “model portfolios,” or adding a stock to a new account simply because it is in another client’s portfolio.  In much the same way that we evaluate one company at a time when considering investment opportunities, we evaluate and craft one portfolio at a time, based on each client’s individual circumstances and goals.
  • We are tax efficient.  We subscribe to the mantra that it’s not what you make; it’s what you keep that counts. Since profit taking involves transactions, it obliges you to take the IRS in as a partner. By holding stocks for long periods of time, we help you postpone tax liabilities, which positively impacts long-term results. Buying and holding stocks may sound stodgy but it defers the payment of capital gains taxes which are potentially the biggest expense an investor will experience.

Boyar Asset Management  

Since 1983 Boyar Asset Management has been managing money for high-net-worth individuals many of whom are in the medical profession. We invest in companies whose stock is trading significantly below what we believe the entire company is worth. We believe that over a reasonable period of time either the stock market will reflect the true value of such businesses or an acquirer will purchase the company for what we believe it is worth.


Our Results

Increase in customer retention.

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